Serkan Aydın | Questions
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Curiosities About Hair Transplantation

Is the same number of grafts transplanted to everyone?

No, the donor area in the nape area, the opening to be transplanted, and the quality of the hair vary from person to person. For this reason, a drawing is made in the pre-planting analysis and the maximum graft required for the most perfect result is applied.

Which season is suitable for hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be applied in all seasons. The important thing is that you adapt to what needs to be considered after the procedure. Things to consider are valid in all seasons. Teachers and football players usually get the procedure done in our clinic during the summer months.

From which areas can extra grafts be taken in people with weak donor areas?

As it is known, the most preferred region is the nape region. As a close alternative to this, if the donor area is available, a small contribution can be taken from the beard profile, especially under the chin.

What is the difference between FUE and DHL method?

In both techniques, all procedures up to the sowing stage are the same. In the FUE method, a machine called a micromotor is used for channel opening. In the DHL method, direct roots are planted with a special DHL pen without opening the canal. In addition, the channel opening process is not applied.

The DHL method is a technique that uses more special materials and is more costly than the FUE method. More minimal root numbers can be planted compared to the FUE method, so it is preferred when dense planting is required in a narrow area. The FUE method is the preferred method for wide openings because it has the comfort of working with high root numbers. Basically, there is no more successful difference between the two techniques. Successful results can be obtained with both techniques with the openness of the person, the right planning and an experienced team.

How long does the hair transplant process take?

Hair transplantation takes an average of 6-7 hours in a day. There will be breaks from time to time. This period varies depending on the number of hair follicles (graft) and hair transplantation technique.