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SRK Line Academy
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SRK Line Academy

Under the coordination of Clinical Medical Director Serkan Aydın, university-approved, certified trainings are given to healthcare professionals working in this profession in foreign countries with SRKLINE ACADEMY.



Kindly be informed that Our programme is for a week long.


You will be having training in FUE & DHI Procedures.


You will be practicing different patients every day and you will be learning all steps of hair transplantation procedure.


Our Package Includes


– Hotel Accommodation

– Airport Transfers

– International Certificate

– Educational Materials (booklet, jersey, micropen set)


All Inclusive Price is 5000 Euro




– Fue and DHI hair transplant training – 6 days

– Internationally accredited certificate

– Training materials (booklet, jersey, micropen set)

– Hotel accommodation

– Lunches

– Coffee break


Mandatory information and documents for international registration

– passport

– Contact number /mail

– Address information

– passport photo




1st Day


Theoretical lecture 10:00 -17:00


– History of hair transplantation

– anatomy

– Physiology

– Operation room preparation

– Materials used in hair transplantation


11:30 – 12:00 Coffee Break


– Operational steps

– Determination of the donor area

– Extraction stage of grafts

– Storage of grafts

– Dissection of grafts


13:00-14:00 – Lunch Break




– Determination of the planting area

– Transplantation phase

– Post-op

– Channel Opening Process

– Presentation of the Medical Company


2nd Day


Practical application




– Room preparation

– Patient welcoming

– Information

– Determination of the Patient’s Hairline

– Shaving the patient’s hair

– FUE & DHI operation until 17:00 in the evening


In the remaining days, practical application will be made throughout the day.


Post-Operation Procedures


– Post-op Follow-up of the Patient

– Washing Procedure

– Question and answer about hair transplantation

– Presentation of the Graft-boster company (Drugs to be used after the operation)

– Certificate Delivery


Contact Us

+90 532 178 88 92