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Useful Information
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Useful Information

What should be considered before hair transplantation?


  • If possible, 3 days before the operation, you should minimize smoking as much as possible. If you can’t, you should try to reduce it. This will speed up the healing process.


  • You should stop drinking alcohol 4 days before the operation.


  • You should stop consuming green tea 4 days before hair transplantation.


  • You should inform the physicians who will perform hair transplantation about the medications you use for chronic (diabetes, heart, blood pressure, etc.) or acute diseases.


  • Stop using multivitamins and drugs that prevent clotting (heparin, aspirin, coumadin, etc.) 5 days before the operation. These drugs can cause an increase in bleeding.


  • Stop applying medication and lotion to your scalp and hair 1 month before the operation.


  • Wash your hair before the operation and do not use hair styling or hardening products such as gel or spray.


  • Do not forget to have breakfast before coming to the hair transplant procedure. If your operation is in the afternoon, it would be beneficial to have a light lunch before your arrival.


  • Prefer the type of clothes that will not rub against your head during wearing and take off while coming to the operation and that you can wear and take off comfortably. Wearing a shirt will be the most comfortable.


  • Be careful not to drive after hair transplantation. For this reason, if you are going to the operation from a long way with your vehicle, make sure that you have someone with you.


What should be considered after hair transplantation?

After the procedure, it is important to pay attention to these for both the healthy growth of the planted roots and the rapid recovery of the area where the roots are taken.


You can smoke after the procedure. The important thing here is to reduce your normal consumption as much as possible.


You will use antibiotics after the procedure. Therefore, you should not drink alcohol until your drug use is finished.

Turkish Bath-Sauna

It is recommended that you do not go to the hammam and sauna for 1 month after the procedure.


Do not enter the solarium for 4 months after the procedure.


Do not enter the sea or pool for 3 weeks after the procedure.


After 10 days, you can do cardio at a light pace. After 3 weeks, you can return to your routine sports program.

Physical Activity

Hair transplantation is not a procedure that requires inpatient rest. For this reason, you can return to your normal life and do short and light walks, light cultural and physical movements. The point you need to pay attention to here is that you do not sweat too much. You can do these activities for short periods of time at a level where there will be a slight sweating.

Exposure to Sunlight

In normal conditions, it is inconvenient to be exposed to sunlight for a long time. But if your daily life or if it requires being outdoors, you can use a hat after 10 days.

Touching the hair

It is frequently observed that people who have had a reflex hair transplant frequently touch the transplant area with their hands. You should avoid doing this. Because manual control can cause infection in the hair root, which we call follicle. Itching is common after the procedure, but you should never scratch the planting area. Your patience with this stock is important. As of the 10th day, you will return to normal


It is important to use high pillows for the first 3 nights, or even 2 pillows in a row (with an angle of approximately 45 degrees) to reduce the swelling in the head area. You can sleep on your back or (side) However, do not sleep face down. You should be careful that the planting area does not touch the pillow. If you have a planting done on your crown area, if there is a possibility that the pillow may touch the planted hair while lying on your back, you can roll it into a towel and put it under the neck. Thus, the contact of the transplanted hair with the pillow is prevented.


Using a headband will prevent edema from collecting in your head area. The wearing of the headband begins after the first wash. The wearing of the headband will begin after the first wash in our clinic. It is recommended to wear the headband for 2 days.


Never sleep with a headband. It would be good to keep the headband clean and wash it once in a while. When putting on and taking off the headband, it is important to wear it by widening it with your hand, and be careful not to rub it on your transplanted hair.

How long does it take to give the result of hair transplantation?


After 2 months, your hair will start to grow out. Growth accelerates between 4 and 6 months, and approximately half of the appearance to be obtained as a result of sowing is achieved in the 6th month. You can see your operation results between 12 and 18 months.

What is shock hair loss?


The expression of shock hair loss is used to express the period in which the transplanted hair falls out in the first 2 months. After this period, permanent hair begins to grow.

When can I cut my hair after hair transplantation?


As of the tenth day of our operation process, you can shave our donor area, where we provide root transplantation, whenever you want. We should shave our treated planting area with scissors only in the first 6 months.