Serkan Aydın | Who’s Serkan Aydın?
Who’s Serkan Aydın?
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Who’s Serkan Aydın?

Serkan Aydın, who worked in the long ambulance teams after finishing his emergency medical technician, is the pioneer of the hair transplantation sector with his entrepreneurial skills, personality and SRKLINE hair transplantation technique. With this technique, it has put its signature to hair transplantation applications and has become the world leader in hair transplantation in the national and international arena.

He established the Private SRK polyclinic, which has been operating since 2015, and has become the “hair transplant center” for foreigners in the field of health tourism.


He has applied hair transplantation treatment with the srkline technique to nearly 100 thousand people in Turkey and Europe.


Serkan Aydın, who has performed hair transplants of many national and international celebrities and football players, including the world-famous singer Acon and our national football player Emre Mor, is the most preferred hair transplant specialist in the media.